A place of rest, refreshing, renewal and revival  Jeremiah 31:5-6,9

The Purpose
To provide an atmosphere where women feel  free to open up and release the tension of work, home,
ministry, and life that causes them to become tired.
To give women an opportunity to be ministered to.
Preparing a “ROCK” solid foundation whereby others can be built upon knowing who Christ is and
knowing what is God’s will for them while drawing others to Christ through prophesying, exhortation,  
preaching, teaching,  and workbook group discussion, burden sharing with scriptural solution,
witnessing, testimonies, and Kingdom principles. Not for us to patch your wounds and say peace,
peace in time of war, but to help you get back up again.

The Commitment
To assist in the building up of women who have been mentally destroyed, abused, hurt or torn down  
or just worn out by the trials of life and ministry.
To help women realize that they were created to worship God  and realize that God has a Divine Plan
and a Divine Purpose for their life too.
Always be open to hear what women have to say and not judge them for the things they have done,
but to assist in restoration , renewal, revival through the Holy Spirit.
And to tend to them, and to mend their wounds and not to pluck away.

The Promise
Never to compromise with your sins, never give up on you, always be patient, in perseverance and
patient in long suffering with you  while believing in God for your deliverance.

Our Mission is commissioned by God to love and take special care of His sheep by providing them
with health and comfort with constant supervision with attention to their hurting, and  their wounds;  to
fill them with the Word of God through teaching Kingdom Principles and to cover them  through
intercessions of prayer, to remove that part that is damaged and to mend their condition so that they
can be more acceptable to continue in their assignments.  To  serve them in love and long suffering
and patience.  God has authorized us of the preaching of His Word and the speaking into lives to heal
and  strongly encourage others to return to Him and build up  mentally, spiritually to a healthy state
after they have been injured, and through exhortation,  urge others to return to Him and  do His Will.  
To lay hands on the sick for them to recover, and to cast out demons in Jesus name.